One stone, infinite brilliance

One means

Journey This Is Love

Created by master jewelers

A legacy of excellent

"Nothing can
dull the light,
which shines from

- Maya Angelou

Traditional, though surprising


The Journey ring needs no additional perks. The surprisingly simple, yet over-the-top design allows you to focus on the irreplaceable. The diamond heart of The Journey ring emits a glow so intense that it is irresistible.

This Is Love This Is Love

Precious bullion

Craftsmanship that reaches

Thanks to the phenomenal work of master jewelers, The Journey collection has a setting that perfectly highlights its greatest asset. The diamond delicately wrapped in precious gold becomes a leader among rings with irreplaceable luster.

Different sizes,
same impression

A ring from The Journey collection always looks perfect. It doesn't matter whether you choose the 0.10ct or 1.00ct version.

seasons of gold

Match The Journey ring with your beloved's jewelry. Choose classic yellow, modern white, fashionable pink or surprising black gold.

Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream

What sets
Journey collection apart?

Diamond accent

Two small diamonds are set at the base of the crown. Such a delicate touch will further emphasize the shine coming from the heart of the ring.


The setting of the stone of the "chaton" type with six paw feet maximally exposes the diamond shimmering with light.


The diamond set in The Journey ring owes its phenomenal brilliance to the brilliant cut.The symmetrical cut traps the sun's rays inside the gem.


More than 16 gemstones
of your choice

Choose the heart
for the heart

Colorful gemstones have always delighted. They were set in royal crowns, scepters of Egyptian rulers or family signet rings. They were a status symbol. Today you can decide which stone to set in a ring from The Journey collection.