A dream that becomes reality

The power of love to triple

Love 3

Not one, not two, but three gemstones at the heart, provide a sparkle that is irresistible from afar. Three-Stone Dream Collection ring, which makes the confession of feelings even more impressive.

Dream Dream

Designed to dazzle

Thirteen reasons to
say "YES".

The craftsmanship of the Dream Collection ring is designed to intensely enhance the precious brilliance of the stones. The main stone is constantly illuminated by the side stones, which, casting a glow, phenomenally bring out every ray of light. The diamonds in the ring's rail complete the whole, enriching the sparkle to the maximum.

Dream The Light

Fragments arranged in

Each element of the Dream ring is inspired by a dream come true. All of its outstanding features create a ring that is impossible to pass by indifferently.

Three-stone style

For those who love themselves in an exclusive sparkle. The heart of the ring is highlighted with two additional gems. The triple stone allows you to express your feelings with triple strength.

Brilliant cut

An unparalleled classic that has been breathtaking for many years. The diamond cut is a symbol of tradition encapsulated in modern beauty.

Diamond-studded rail

A piece that complements the perfect engagement ring. Although at its heart rests a sapphire, there can be no shortage of diamonds.

Dream engagement rings

A collection hiding in
itself an excellent

A delicate ring, studded with sparkling diamonds, on top of which rests the most important gem accompanied by two more, flawless gemstones.

Dream engagement rings

Let yourself be seduced

A mesmerizing glow

The Dream Collection ring is designed to mesmerize with its legendary brilliance in any position. No matter from which side you look, you will be engulfed in an aura of light with maximum intensity.

Perfect from every perspective

Depending on your perspective, either the diamonds in the rail, the three stones in the crown or the tiny diamonds at its base will give you a splendor full of magnificence.

Dream ring design...

From the dream...

At first it was considered a dream. A fantasy that was so exquisite that it had to turn into reality. The moment the first sketch was made, an outstanding design was born, ready to transform the product of imagination into a symbol of infinite love.

...doomed to success from the start implement

This design still delights thousands of women today, appearing in their minds as "THE ONE". The ring from the Dream collection, is a perfect example of a dream that has become a reality.


See how we create

Give it the flawlessness it deserves

Artifice in
purest form

Why does the Dream collection impress so strongly?

Sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds enhance the sensation brought by the Dream engagement ring. Arranged in a modern design, they give a feeling of exclusivity and fulfillment. As many as 13 gemstones, with a total weight of 0.77 ct, give the ring a captivating sparkle. This is what makes it the fulfillment of the most beautiful dreams.


precious stones


ct pure brilliance