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Our promise, your peace of mind

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Lifetime assurance and security
after purchase of engagement ring and wedding rings

The only such service to secure your
luxury jewelry for generations.

Guarantee of fulfilled expectations

We offer more
than you expect

We have specialized in creating unique jewelry. We are also experts in customer service. We know you expect a lot from us.We want to give you even more. Experience all the benefits that come with the new SAVICKI Care+® jewelry service standard.

Photo of jeweler
Photo of jeweler

Why take advantage of SAVICKI Care+®'s above-average protection?

New standard
of jewelry care

When you choose SAVICKI Care+®, you're not just buying reassurance and security. You're buying access to the only service of its kind in the jewelry market that guarantees you peace of mind. We created SAVICKI Care+® with the idea that you can enjoy your luxury product and focus on planning one of the most important moments in your life.

Why take advantage of SAVICKI Care+®'s above-average protection?

Benefits of the service



Size correction
Free one-time
Lifetime unlimited
Free return
120 days
365 days
Free engraving
+ free content change
2 years
Cleaning of
buttery SAVICKI.
Free of charge once a year
Free of charge
without limit
Jewelry repair
Ring modification
Discount on purchase in case of loss or theft
No discount

The eternal splendor of jewelry
from generation
to generation.

SAVICKI engagement ring or wedding rings worn every day need a little attention. With SAVICKI Care+® service, you will keep their original shine forever.

Every SAVICKI product that leaves our jewelry workshop meets unprecedented quality standards. The best quality bullion used in them makes the ring a symbol of love forever.

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Noble coatings
fixed for years to come

Rhodium-plated and platinum-plated surfaces can lose their properties over time. By opting for the SAVICKI Care+® program, you don't have to worry about that. Completely free of charge, we will replenish the coating on your ring so that you can enjoy its shine as the day you received it.

Jewelry full of sparkle

Frequently worn jewelry - especially an engagement ring or wedding rings, need care from time to time, so as not to lose their original beauty. All pieces of jewelry, without exception, eventually begin to get dirty, becoming less and less shiny. To preserve what is most beautiful in your jewelry, you will receive a professional jewelry cleaning service from us - completely free of charge.

There are situations beyond your control.
You can, however, avoid unpleasant consequences.

When you buy jewelry from SAVICKI showroom, you not only get a beautiful product, but also the assurance of the highest quality and customer care. However, we have no control over all everyday situations. By choosing SAVICKI Care+®, the repair of your ring or your wedding rings is completely free of charge.

correction in size

An engagement ring or wedding ring is a lifelong choice. If for any reason you decide that the size of your jewelry should change you may benefit from a size adjustment service.

confidence after purchase

This guarantee ensures that your jewelry will be repaired if the diamond is crushed, chipped or knocked off. It gives you confidence that the exclusive ring is worth the price.

Free diamond enlargement
in your SAVICKI engagement ring

If you find that the diamond set in your ring is too small you can enlarge it free of charge. The only cost you will incur is the cost of the gemstone. The service of setting a new diamond is completely free. Contact us and we will provide you with a list of available diamonds that will meet your wildest expectations. After setting the new diamond, we will additionally refresh your engagement ring or wedding rings to make them look incredibly perfect.

Free replacement of the
precious stone with another one

Perhaps the intense red of a ruby is too provocative for you and the green of an emerald does not fit your character. Replace your current gemstone with another gemstone or diamond of your choice. Fulfill your fondest expectations.

Dedicated consultant
Available 7 days a week

At your disposal is our team of professionals who will help and advise you on the selection of jewelry for any occasion. They will also walk with you through the entire process of claiming or changing the parameters of your jewelry.

Special offer
available exclusively to SAVICKI customers.

When you choose the SAVICKI brand, you are also joining an exclusive club of SAVICKI customers. Wanting to reward your trust, you can count on unique offers dedicated only to our customers. Even after the first purchase of an engagement ring, you will receive a 24% discount on wedding rings from us. Deciding on SAVICKi wedding rings, we will set a 0.01ct diamond in a women's wedding ring free of charge. And that's just the beginning.

Jewelry designed on

Our designers are at your service. We will design unique jewelry according to your idea. We have our own jewelry workshop, so we can meet even the most difficult projects.

Consultancy on
engagement and bridal jewelry

We are experts in the Wedding & Engagement segment. We will take care of the entire process from your first message to the last moment until you say the magic word "YES" to each other.

We are with you in important moments

Are you looking for a special gift for your anniversary? Perhaps another important moment such as the birth of a child is coming up? SAVICKI experts will make sure that each of these moments is crowned with beautiful jewelry that will create beautiful memories with you.