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Savicki values

Capture the beauty of the most wonderful moments. To stop time. To transfer the ephemeral into a new dimension, creating something equally perfect and wonderful in its form - timeless perfection. This is what we have been doing for more than 40 years, creating for you unique SAVICKI brand jewelry.

What sets us apart and makes our products different from everyone else is our ability to perfectly combine craftsmanship and art. We have the best professionals working for us, who, in addition to excellent craftsmanship, are also open-minded and sensitive to true beauty and style. This subtle difference will be noticed by anyone who appreciates the highest quality and noble, impeccably beautiful form.

We encapsulate the essence of our values in three steps:




Ring design

Step one


Beginning with rigorous checks on the origin of our gemstones to managing the personal development of our skilled employees. Every detail adds up to the whole of the well-functioning mechanism that is the SAVICKI brand.

Conflict free diamonds

Diamonds from safe sources

We make sure that our diamonds come only from legal and fully safe sources. Workers in illegal diamond mines risk their lives every day working in primitive conditions - without medical care or proper tools.

Very often these are also children who, when forced to work - lose their lives or are subjected to cruel torture aimed at forcing obedience in them. The World Diamond Council has been trying to combat this practice for many years - unfortunately, without success.

We are straightforwardly saying that we are against this cruel practice of mining and trading "blood diamonds.

Meet Savicki Diamonds®
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Conflict free diamonds

Environmental protection

Although SAVICKI does not engage in mining, it takes great care in selecting its partners who provide the treasures from inside the earth needed in the creation of jewelry. We recognize that mining is central to our work which directly contributes to job creation and the economy as a whole.

Therefore, we have decided to cooperate only with mines whose mining practices are oriented in their actions to minimize negative impacts on clean air, water, landscape, as well as biodiversity. We firmly believe that the direction of recovering valuable materials during the recycling process should be spread. This will help preserve some special places that are the cultural and ecological heritage of our planet.

Step two


The main purpose of creating and wearing engagement or wedding jewelry is to capture fleeting feelings and make them into a unique keepsake. Your love is the inspiration for our work.

Buying jewelry is more than an activity

Share Your Love

The slogan Share Your Love was created to celebrate what is most important - love We decided to share this value with you by creating jewelry that is designed to carry an extraordinary message. Spreading love is our greatest pride.We have the honor of participating in the love stories of thousands of our customers. Join the ranks of #ShareYourLove and celebrate love every day!

Meet Savicki Diamonds®
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Step three


We have specialized in creating unique jewelry. We are also experts in customer service.We know you expect a lot from us. We want to give you even more Explore the benefits of SAVICKI CareTM

Buying jewelry online has never been easier

Meet Savicki Care+®

We are available to you throughout the entire shopping process but also beyond it. Our consultants will help you during the selection of the perfect jewelry, sizing or answer questions of interest, but our care does not end there. At Savicki CareTM, we offer a package of post-purchase support and services. Learn more about some of them:

Free return or exchange up to 120 days after purchase

Perpetual warranty on gemstones

Free and professional cleaning

Free size adjustment

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