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Carefully selected by qualified jewelry experts
SAVICKI. The framed diamonds in our jewelry are a guarantee of quality forever.

Perpetual warranty

Diamonds are a woman's best

This is one of the most popular quotes about diamonds. We too have become good friends with them. By choosing the best quality gemstones, we know that by giving our lifetime guarantee we are giving our customers a product for eternity.


Diamond classification
o level up

We were never satisfied with the generally accepted standards. That's why we added a fifth "C" to the 4C principle - Control. Carefully selected diamonds, repeated quality control and certainty of parameters give us a sense of complete satisfaction setting them in the crown.

  • 1 of 5 C

    Cut - or cut

    Cut - or cut

    Diamond cutting an element of perfection

    It is the perfect proportions and cut that bring out a diamond's brilliance. Each facet in a gemstone works to give it an even more beautiful brilliance.

    Precision – cuts are made with attention to even the smallest detail

    Symmetry – The facets of the diamond are arranged harmoniously

    Glow – diamond finish gives it an enchanting sparkle

  • 2 of 5 C

    Clarity - the purity of a diamond

    Clarity - the purity of a diamond

    Purity in 10 times approximation

    A luxury diamond has a luster that is irresistible. Purity is an insanely important part of the 5C rule - diamonds with large internal inclusions will not convey sparkling beauty as well as those with near-perfect clarity.

    Look how perfectly the colors of the diamond shimmer. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of diamonds.

  • 3 of 5 C

    Color - flawless color

    Color - flawless color

    The color of the diamond

    The color scale of a diamond is rated with symbols from D to Z. Those from D, E, F, G, H, I, are colorless or nearly colorless. The color of diamonds is one of the key factors affecting their appearance. Diamonds should dazzle with their whiteness. Low parameters of the N-Z group have a yellow tint, which causes.

    In the hearts of SAVICKI jewelry you will find only stones that reflect their unique and desirable color.

  • 4 of 5 C

    Carat - diamond scale weight

    Carat - diamond scale weight



    What is the significance of the carat?

    The carat by itself does not determine the exclusivity of a diamond, only when combined with the rest of the 5C rules will you find the perfect gemstone.

    At SAVICKI Salon, the gems resting in the hearts of engagement rings are between 0.01 ct and 4 ct.

  • 5 of 5 C

    Control - quality under control

    Control - quality under control

    How do we control our diamonds?

    The diamond inspection process is a two-stage process. The first stage of inspection already takes place at the stage of verification of the supplier of our stones. We put before them an extensive list of requirements that the diamonds offered to us must meet. The second stage is the verification of diamonds in our workshop. We check the diamonds delivered to us with a loupe and then microscopically.



Diamonds from safe

SAVICKI puts the safety AND comfort of its customers first. We make sure that the jewelry we receive is made only with materials from legitimate sources. Therefore, we also join the campaign promoting the use of conflict-free guaranteed diamonds.

Kimberley Process Certification Scheme

November 5, 2002 in Switzerland - 36 countries and the European Community officially took up the fight against the trade in conflict diamonds, passing a declaration known as the "Interlaken Declaration."

Participants thus pledged to respect the document "Kimberley Process Certification Scheme" governing the certification system for trading rough diamonds.

Each piece of diamond jewelry comes with a Conflict-Free card confirming that the diamonds used in its manufacture are from legitimate sources.

Certified origin

We carefully check the origin of all our diamonds. Our suppliers are carefully selected partners.

Proven suppliers

We work only with suppliers carefully selected by us. Our partners are only the best suppliers on the market.

Unique jewelry

SAVICKI jewelry products are decorated only with diamonds from legitimate sources.

Guarantee of legality

Safety and comfort

We also make sure that our diamonds come only from legal and fully safe sources. We are straightforward in saying that we are against this cruel practice of mining and trading in "blood" diamonds.

Our Partners are specially selected companies that we have carefully selected from all suppliers available on the market.

Each time, we carefully check all the certificates we receive so as to guarantee our customers fully conflict-free diamonds that adorn our jewelry products.

SAVICKI Diamonds

Perpetual warranty

For the sake of our customers, we decided to add one more to the generally accepted 4C principles. The Control principle ensures multiple quality control of diamonds, which will be set in SAVICKI products only when they meet the requirements accepted for gemstones of extraordinary quality. Each piece of diamond jewelry is accompanied by a perpetual guarantee on the gemstone. Such a gesture only indicates a very good choice.


Extensive knowledge of gemology allows our experts to take a close look at each gemstone and select only those that meet the highest quality requirements. Diamonds from legitimate sources have their own certificates of authenticity - confirming their parameters and origin. Operating at SAVICKI, the 5C rule is to ensure that the cut, clarity, color, weight and quality of each diamond are as close to perfection as possible.

Total diamond replacement

Our warranty covers defects in diamonds in the form of splitting, fracturing and fusing, only in the case of the original position of the diamond.

Free repair

In case of damage to the diamond, our jewelers will assess and repair the damage to the diamond free of charge.

Unlimited cleaning service

Exceptional jewelry requires exceptional treatment. Our jewelers will restore the luster of your jewelry during a 5-step cleaning process.

Standard SAVICKI Guarantee
Total diamond replacement
Unlimited cleaning service
Free repair
Lead time
Lifetime warranty
Quality Certificate

Lifetime warranty

Diamonds are a well-known symbol of eternity. To prove that SAVICKI diamonds are chosen with the utmost care and their quality is equally unquestionable, we provide a lifetime guarantee on diamond jewelry products.

The SAVICKI perpetual guarantee covers all diamond jewelry pieces with a value of more than PLN 1000. You can take advantage of the guarantee in case a diamond is chipped, broken or lost, however, it must be in its original position.

The lifetime guarantee on diamonds only proves that the gemstones used for SAVICKI jewelry products are of exceptional quality.

Unique in every way

Flawlessness, purity, perfection - these three words perfectly describe the diamonds you will find in SAVICKI engagement rings. Pure, crystalline beauty, reflecting light through its harmonious interior. Each diamond used in the SAVICKI jewelry workshop, is a gemstone that has passed multiple quality checks. Our customers receive only the best from us. With the 5C rules, perpetual guarantee and certificates of authenticity, you can be sure that your loved one will receive only the best.

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